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Charity Challenge Team Member Profile – Ebonnie Goss

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Hey my name is Ebonnie. I am 20 years old, and from Essex, England.
I’ve been in Gordon’s Bay for a month now, with my final two weeks to go. Originally starting at ACJ on the sports project, and moving to the orphanage to work with the special needs children. I came to South Africa, on a soul searching mission, not knowing what I wanted as a career or where I hoped to be in 5 years time. But I will be leaving Gordon’s Bay, with a sea of memories and much hope for the future, where I will go on to study sports therapy and special needs at university.
From being at both ACJ and Ikhayalethemba, I am overwhelmed every day by how beautiful and intelligent these children are, from teaching a very stubborn baby how to crawl, or helping a boy with severe mental disabilities on his quest to walk, every day I come home feeling proud of myself for making a difference to their life, and equally theirs to mine.
When I heard about the charity challenge, I knew instantly that I had to be involved, whether it was for the full five days, or simply a day. If it meant that the children at the Hope Centre or at Ikhayalethemba village were going to benefit from it, even if it’s not much. Something I’ve learnt from being here is that a little will always go a very, very long way. So let’s bring on the blood, sweat and tears, because knowing I get to see those little smiles at the end of it, will be worth any pain.
Ebonnie Goss – Ikhayalethemba Volunteer