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Celebrating 10 years of the GVI Charitable Trust!

By Tyler Protano-Goodwin 3 years ago
Celebrating 10 years of the GVI Charitable Trust!
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Today we are looking back at the incredible contribution that GVI’s Charitable Trust has made over the past 10 years.

With a decade of work behind us we are beyond excited to announce that we have reached a major milestone, we’ve just reached a jaw-dropping total of over £1.5 million raised for community and environmental initiatives worldwide!

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We thought that was something worth shouting about and wanted to tell you about the journey that got us here.

The GVI Charitable Trust was loosely set up in 2005 to help with disaster relief following the devastation caused by Hurricane Stan in Guatemala. After an overwhelming response from past volunteers, the GVI Charitable Trust was then firmly established.


From there things have grown organically and we have set up funds not only for all of our GVI projects, but other disaster relief and environmental initiatives as well.

A closer look at some of our most substantial and memorable accomplishments:

•The GVI Charitable Trust has helped construct fuel efficient stoves for 120 families in Guatemala and Honduras. These stoves help reduce the amount of wood that is burnt and in turn unhealthy exposure to smoke inhalation.

• Secondary school is still not free in Kenya, which meant that most students were dropping out after their primary education. During 2008, the GVI Charitable Trust was able to provide full scholarships to 12 secondary school students in Mkwiro, Kenya.

• In 2010, we partnered with a project in Brazil that offers a day care facility to the at-risk and street children of Salvador, Brazil. Our partner, Grandma Clara’s Educational Dream, provides daily meals, a safe environment, and helps hire qualified and dedicated teachers. Since its inception, the project has raised £132 226 to date.

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• Thailand was devastated by massive and devastating floods in 2011. We raised an incredible £155 746 to help distribute relief packages, assist the clean-up operation, and help rebuild schools, community centers, and temples.

• In 2011, we launched our Transitioning to Low Carbon Operations project. Many of the projects that we support work towards positive and environmental practices. The first project that we worked on was training communities in Kenya in methods of alternative charcoal production, in conjunction with a reforestation project. Since then we have transformed our base on Curieuse Island in the Seychelles to be as carbon neutral as possible, purchased solar panels for our base in Pez Maya Mexico, and most recently started working towards making our Jalova base in Costa Rica carbon neutral as well.

• In 2012, we opened a community center in El Cocal, Costa Rica in an effort to increase the number of hours that children are able to attend school. The center is a fun, educational, and safe-zone in a community that is rife with drug use and broken family life.

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• In Thailand in 2013, the GVI Charitable Trust helped set up an elephant clinic, funded workshops to teach locals about sustainable farming, and put mahouts through ethical elephant training. We were also able to support an additional two elephants to live freely in the forest.

• In Laos every year, the Charitable Trust sponsors at least 16 novice monks so that they can continue their studies at the temple schools around Luang Prabang.

• During 2014, the team in Fiji used funding from the Charitable Trust to add 1 million liters of rainwater harvesting capacity to drought prone Yasawas.

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• In 2015, we assisted our partners at Karongwe Game Reserve in South Africa in de-horning the remaining rhinos. It is a controversial decision to make, but due to being heavily hit by poaching during the preceding years, we felt it was the right choice to make in the effort of conserving the rhinos.

• During the course of 2015, the GVI Charitable Trust financed the construction of 14 ‘monsoon proof’ houses, built walkways and constructed a playground in Santhom Slum in India.

• We collected an incredible total of £70 154 for the earthquake recovery effort in Nepal.

[Tweet “[email protected] raised over 70 000 for earthquake recovery efforts in Nepal.”]

• 2015 was our most successful year to date and we collected a record-breaking £279 884 for all of our projects.

• In 2016, after the recent Cyclone Winston in Fiji, our alumni overwhelmed us with support. We have had over 450 individuals donate over £33 000 in just a few weeks, and funds are still coming in

It’s been an incredible 10 years and none of it would have been possible without the collaboration and support of our volunteers, staff, alumni, and donors who have contributed along the way. We are excited to continue our current efforts and grow to support new projects and areas of the world. Thank you for helping us create even more change than we thought possible!

To learn more about GVI’s Charitable Trust check out our website for more information on our mission and on the ground impact. Want to be a part of the change? Make a donation today to one of our various ongoing projects.