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Capacity building workshops at Matunda Bora

By 6 years ago
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This week we have been busy developing teacher workshops for the teachers at Matunda Bora. These workshops are an example of the capacity building work we do with members of the community.  Mr. Opiyo, the head teacher, along with the other teachers, highlighted key areas for us to concentrate on in the teacher workshops where GVI might most be able to help. The first topic this week was time and stress management. We had some great brainstorming sessions as a group about what we thought would be most important to include and questions we should have the teachers think about. Then I put it all together in one beautiful PowerPoint ready for the workshop on Thursday.
Squeezing in the school office to start the workshop
At the school we set up the projector in the rather cramped office and huddled around. Sophie, leading the workshop, introduced the topic and encouraged the teachers to speak freely. They were quiet at first but gradually some of them began to speak up more and more. My Opiyo chimed in with some gems of hilarity which got everyone laughing. The workshop seemed to go down well and the teachers responded positively, lots were taking notes and seemed engaged with what we were talking about. I feel really positive about how it went and hope we can continue to build upon the workshops and get the teachers discussing more and more openly each week.  

Sophie Phillips

The legend himself – Mr Opiyo – Headteacher at Matunda Bora Academy
Community Volunteer