Busy times at the childcare program in Playa: working at two different ludotecas (toy libraries)

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GVI Live! 26th July 2013, Sandra, Sandra and Christie
The past week has been nothing but busy for the volunteers and the Ludoteca. Because of the school holiday s, there has been changes to the usual schedule; we have been working at two Ludotecas! The Ludoteca at El Ejido has around about 50-60 children in the morning with only 2 ladies all day, compared to the Colosio’s 30-40 with 5 ladies all together; and just when we thought we’ve conquered being outnumbered! Although the amount of children proved to be a challenge sometimes at El Ejido, there has been nothing but games, cooking, acting, making, obstacle courses and water days! The volunteers have been split up, having 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoons at El Ejido. During dinner conversations about our day, it’s undeniable that there are many differences on how the Ludotecas are run and the general feel (especially for the volunteers who have had worked in both) which makes those who haven’t been to both itching to go and visit.
The Ludoteca in Colosio have been breezing through their holiday course. The children are getting used to the new structure (so are the volunteers) and enjoying their Thursdays making their DIY project. This week, the kids are making their own hand bag or back pack out of plastic and woven string. What we found was cute was that when the boys brought in the materials for a handbag, they still made it anyway to give to their mum! The kids are able to stitch in any drawing they want, and nearly all chose to put in a word that they’ve learnt from the values week. This week they’re learning about valuable friends and what makes them a valuable friend. Things like they guard my secret, they listen, they’re understanding, they’re honest is at the top of the list.
Sadly we say goodbye to 3 volunteers this week, but saying hello to 2 new faces! From Sandra W and Sandra S comes this final word on their adventure:
Working with the Mexican kids was a great experience. Through the work in the Ludotecas, we learnt a lot about the culture and the way of life. On the weekends, there are also many possibilities to learn more about the Mexican tradition and history.

This is what we get every day; an immersion of culture, a continuously opening mind and a curiosity that can only be satisfied with exploration.
Photos: Tulum Ruinas and beach (the hot top of the list volunteers place to visit, because it’s so close!)