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Blushing Bottlenose

By 6 years ago
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The past week on marine has been a crazy one indeed! With the arrival of the rainy season comes the turbulent sea, along with some amazing wildlife sightings, including great opportunites to see sea turtles, particularly around Upper Mpunguti… where two Hawksbills were seen whilst snorkelling on transect 4 just yesterday!

The pink belly display of an excited Bottlenose Dolphin

We have also been lucky enough to have a couple of sightings of Bottlenose dolphins where they stayed with us for long enough to take over 1000 photos and record someof their key behaviours! It was a fantastic opportunity for dolphin photo identification and we certainly made the most of it. There have been exhibitions of dolphin excitment and socialising with pink bellies on display – a delight to witness.
And as there are only a few of us available to go on the boat we had a community staff member join us for a day out today, which consisted of not only a turtle sighting and a Bottlenos dolphins…… but also of pancakes for breakfast on the boat and a visit to Coral Spirit for a delicious rain and chance to escape the rain!!

The new boat is performing well as are the dolphins with their blushing pink stomachs, roll on marine!!