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My Return to GVI

By Belen de Armero Lopez 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Two summers, two countries, two programs, one organization. It’s safe to say GVI has made a positive impact on me. This is my second (of hopefully, many to come) year with GVI. Last summer I had the amazing opportunity of working on GVI’s childcare project in Quepos, Costa Rica. After only a short month, I knew I wanted to work with GVI again. So, this summer, I am working on the childcare program in Playa del Carmen, Mexico as a scholar.
belen 3I am closing up my third week and things have been crazy so far (good crazy!) Between EFR training, going to project and staff training, I’ve been very busy, but very happy too. The thing I love the most right now is the variety of projects I get to participate in. There is the Ludoteca, Escuelita, Aqua therapy, Invasores and Coco’s Animal Welfare. They are each completely different, and I love that.belen 2In Ludoteca we have a small group of kids usually, and we teach English and do Green Action lessons (where we raise awareness about environmental issues). Escuelita is a special needs center where we do all sorts of activities and therapies for the students. Aqua therapy is for the kids in Escuelita but it takes place on Saturday and it is quite special as the kids enjoy it a lot. In Invasores we also teach English, do arts and crafts and play with a group of kids which could get to be as large at 30. At Coco’s we help with the recovery of cats and dogs who get spayed and neutered.

They are all equally challenging and fun. In Costa Rica I worked in childcare as well but the experience was completely different. This is the thing that captivated me about GVI from the beginning: the wide range of programs they offer. I think this makes every experience you have in any GVI project unique, making it so that you could go anywhere in the world and always learn new things.belen 4My experiences with GVI have continued to reinforce my belief that children have so much to teach us and that never ceases to amaze me. It has also helped me to understand the value of education, and how it is truly in our hands to use education as a powerful tool for positive change. I can say it is certain that these projects are incredible learning and growing opportunities that create unforgettable memories that shape you into a more understanding, aware, empathetic, tolerant, responsible and overall, better person.