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The Beautiful Island of Koh Kho Khao

By 1 year ago
Categories Jalova

This week was not as eventful as last week because of the wonderful ceremony we were able to attend and release 68 of the turtles that we help clean and care for at the Navy Base. But, we did have a great time on the bird walk on Ko Kho Khao island. We saw many birds and even saw some mammals. We got up really early so that we could see as many birds as possible since the morning hours are the best times to go bird watching. After this adventure, we had a beach clean near the pier.  The two volunteers and two staff members were able to collect 16 bags of trash in a very short amount of time. One of the restaurants on the pier let us use their samlore bike so that we were able to carry the trash back easier. It got stuck in the sand a few times, but we were able to push it out and finish our beach clean. We then had an ice cold glass of water with our lunch at the restaurant which was very nice and refreshing. We look forward to seeing what will happen next week!

4 week Conservation Programme Volunteer | U.S.A