Beach Clean for Earth Day

By 5 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

The 22nd of this month marked the 43rd annual Earth Day. Earth Day, celebrated worldwide, is a day where events such as rallies, clean ups, educational activities, festivals and tree plantings are held to help show support for environmental protection and help inspire people to work towards creating a more sustainable future.
The GVI Fiji Marine and Conservation Research Team played our part in Earth Day by participating in a huge beach cleanup. We took to the beaches armed with a heap of empty garbage bags and 3 hours later the results were astonishing; a pile high of rubbish including around fifteen full garbage bags, old chairs, bits of tin, broken thongs (or flip flops as I keep being corrected) empty bottles, countless plastic bags, old toys, clothing and even an old kettle, and of course one very clean beach.

After a short break at the local tea house where a lot of chocolate cake was consumed, we started the task of sorting through the pile of rubbish. Living on such a small Island like we do, the structuring of recycling is something we are responsible for ourselves, so all of our rubbish has to be separated into the correct bins. Another two hours later we had successfully separated the mountain of rubbish into separate piles for aluminium cans, glass, plastics, tin and burnables.

Overall the beach cleanup was a huge success and goes to show that even on a small island in the middle of the Yasawas, everyone can play a small part in helping clean up our Earth and promote environmental awareness.

Jade (Marine Expedition Volunteer)