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Article in "The Murray Pioneer" - An Australian Newspaper

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara
Renmark woman Joanna Vowles is enlisting the support of the Riverland community to help send doctors to needy children in Nepal.
The 32-year-old is the current teacher co-ordinator with the Global Vision International (GVI) volunteer team in Pokhara, Nepal, and is raising money to sponsor a doctor for the local daycare centers once a month.
Ms Vowles said the visits could aid more than 70 children.
“The families here are very poor and medical visits are not considered to be a priority,” she said.
“Many of the children come to daycare with boils, fever, rashes, skin disorders, infections, open wounds and warts, just to mention a few.
“Most of these children will not be treated and can quite often be in unbearable pain, however their parents cannot afford to take time off work to stay at home with them or even buy basic medical supplies.”
Ms Vowles said $3000 would sponsor the visit.
“One child in our daycare has a father in the hospital with tuberculosis,” she said.
“Her mother must stay in the hospital to look after him and so this young child, not more than five years old, is currently being taken care of by her 10-year-old sister.”
For more information or to make a donation, visit: www.justgiving.com/teams/GVI-Rangi-Changi-Nepal

Article by Pamela Perre

Photos by Julia Gath