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Around the World in Two Weeks

By Sally-Ann Ferguson 4 years ago
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For workshop we decided to cover different continents from around the world. We creatively named the theme ‘around the world in 2 weeks.’ In the time between school finishing and workshop starting me and the other volunteers put up a map and cut out letters for the title.

 Monday. During workshop we started out with a game where the kids found countries beginning with the same letter as their name (some easier than others!) We then taught them about the continents and colored maps with the continents each a different colour.

Tuesday. The first country we visited was South Africa so we asked them some basic questions about their country which they answered with enthusiasm and had fun doing. We then made traditional african masks which turned out great.

Wednesday. We, the volunteers, did a lot of coloring and cutting. We colored several flags in preparation for workshops later this week. In Workshop our theme was Australia, so naturally we made boomerangs. We drew them on brown paper and the kids cut them out and painted on them with cotton buds to make designs on them. They turned out really cool.

Thursday. The theme today at workshop was the UK so fittingly we made crowns…sorry mum no doilies!! Instead of being teacher Sally I became queen Sally. The kids all loved being called queens and kings themselves and taking their crowns home to show their families.

Monday. During workshop the country was brazil so naturally we made football (soccer) players which you out your fingers through to play finger football. The kids loved this and had a blast. We have had several more requests to make more soccer players and a field to play on.

Tuesday.The next theme was the USA. While making copies of the flag an ant crawled in and got copied onto the flags much to our amusement. The kids then colored flags and then cut them up into a puzzle and then put them together and took them home. They were quite reluctant at first to cut up their coloring but once I cut up mine they all joined in. Some puzzles ended up more complicated than others and needed three teachers to help complete it.

Wednesday. As we were setting up for workshop we realized we didn’t actually know what the currency used in China was…everyone we asked said it was the yen! An emergency call to Cheryl fixed this problem and we soon found out it was actually the yuan. In workshop we made fans which all turned out great and were needed as it was so hot. We then did some activities with chopsticks which was interesting to see them get so happy when they worked out how to use them.

Thursday. Our last workshop theme  was Antarctica so we taught the kids a new song about penguins and did a ridiculous dance but they loved it. We made penguins out of loo roll centers and they looked amazing!! After they finished them we went outside and walked like penguins with a egg (rugby ball) between their feet. We all looked silly together but it was great fun.

This brought an end to our travel around the world