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Amusing moments at ACJ

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town

These are some fragments of memories which make up the picture of my time at ACJ.  Although I was only there for two weeks, it is the memories of these small achievements or funny moments which my journal is crammed full with and which I shall always think of whenever I remember GVI. 

During lesson time, whilst having a break and playing snap with Buntu, I asked him to find the four cards for each animal and name the animals.  He could not find the fourth frog card and I told him to keep looking, it would definitely be there.  It wasn’t and I was consequently reprimanded by him for not being able to count.
Whilst teaching Sinethemba the verb ‘to promise’ from an extract, I said if he could think of an example sentence  I would do it.  In hindsight this was probably a mistake as he demonstrated that he understood the verb and exploited it by picking up a football story and saying “teacher promises to read me book now”, which I obviously then had to do!
During the reading focus group session, I reminded Sinoxolo of the rule about speaking English in the classroom.  He corrected me on the pronunciation of his name; I hadn’t put the Xhosa click in the middle.  I said that I wasn’t programd for Xhosa and he smiled and said “I not for English”, and persevered in teaching me how to make the clicking sound which I now think I have managed.
I thank the children for shaping my memories of South Africa as a place of discovery and meaning which I will never forget.

Emily Willis