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Amazing sightings!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

There have also been some very exciting sightings in the last couple of days. Yesterday on the “Newbies” first dive, two Manatees were seen by Ben and Juliet. Amanda thought the excitement was over a large boxfish and got straight to photographing that instead. Doh! Last night Rob and Josh saw a turtle (1.1metres) come up on the beach and lay it’s eggs which was thrilling for them to see. This morning, Jo and Eli took a stroll along to the bridge and saw a crocodile that was about 2 metres long!
Ben also caught 5 invasive lionfish and dissected each one using a fork, shears and a pair of hairdressing scissors. 3 of which were ready to spawn and 4 had eaten recently.
Today is the first day of August, and each day it seems to be getting hotter, the flies bite more viciously and the Iguanas languish longer in the heat. Getting into the water is a welcome respite for all. Juliet, Kerry, and Alex started their Advanced Open Water today and Amanda did her first Coral Watch dive. The other volunteers continue with learning their fish, corals and the monitoring activities.