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Amazing opportunity with GVI Veterinary program - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

By Kelly Grogg 2 years ago
Categories Yucatan

This week I have had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with Global Vision International’s veterinary program. I have one more day left on the project and I am sad to say my time here is almost done. Although I have only been here for one week, I have made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. For my spring break from college, I decided I wanted to go somewhere new where I could continue to develop my love and interest for animals while lending a helping hand to others who needed it. I was nervous to be traveling alone to a different country, especially since I don’t speak much Spanish. Friday night I arrived early and stayed in a hotel by myself. This time allowed me to go explore and walk around the city that I would call home for the upcoming week. I found that Playa del Carmen had so much to offer, one of which was the vibrant culture. On Saturday morning I left to go meet up with the GVI staff and see where I would be living for the duration of my stay. As soon as I was introduced to the GVI staff and the other people living in the volunteer house, I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed with open arms. I was informed that I would be working during the week, but we had Saturday and Sunday off to go explore all that Mexico had to offer. I decided to spend my days traveling to the beach and to the breathtaking ruins of Chichen Itza. During the week, I went to Coco’s Animal Welfare clinic. I was so excited to arrive at the veterinary clinic bright and early Monday morning. Although I work at a small animal clinic back home, this was very different than what I was used to. Coco’s was a huge clinic that does low cost surgeries and always had something exciting going on. Throughout the week, we had a mixture of both clientele pets and strays animals that the staff members would pick up off the street.
The clinic had three veterinarians that worked hard throughout the day to provide attention and care to all the animals. Since the clinic allows you to be as involved as you would like, I decided to help with the preparation and recovery of surgery. The staff was there to answer any questions I had, and they taught me so much useful information that I can use to future my studies in veterinary medicine. One of my favorite things about the clinic besides helping with surgery, was being able to play with the adorable puppies (who doesn’t love that?). One of the staff members would come to the clinic with me every day, and we would stay from 8am-2pm. After, I would come home to the other amazing volunteers working in the different projects and we would all make dinner together. On Wednesday afternoon, we had a lady come into the house and teach us how to cook a Mexican dish. One of my favorite parts about my time at GVI other than the veterinary program, was having the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people from different walks of life. I am so happy I decided to come to Mexico and work with GVI. This week has been one I will never forget. Thank you to the amazing GVI staff and Coco’s veterinarians that has made this wonderful experience possible!