Alphabet Focus at the Orphanage

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town

The first test results are in and our alphabet focus with the oldest children at Ikhayalethemba is a success! 

Only two weeks ago we started a big push with the oldest group of children to get them to know all the letters and their sounds.  It seemed a daunting task at first, but the volunteers set to it and took the challenge head on.  Teaching one letter at a time with two days per letter we have gotten through five letters now. 

Our test was simple, the children were shown a letter and they had to name the letter and tell the sound it makes.  Without hesitation, they answered one question after another correctly, with only one mistake each on the newest letter in their repertoire.
It is thrilling to see such a great advancement in the kids’ literacy in such a short time.  What is even better is to see them taking so much pride in their work.  They are always so pleased to show how hard they’re working in class time and what a difference it is making.

We have great expectations for what is to come with this new program, but it has already made a great impact.
Andy Eskeland
Ikhayalethemba coordinator