Alex leads the way

By Alexander Hecher- 4 week Forest volunteer 5 years ago
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During my time in Kenya I have been working as a forest project volunteer and my last week was really astonishing. I finally had the confidence and experience to lead a group through the forest.

While the rest of the group conducted a survey I navigated the way through the thick undergrowth. The only help I had was my compass to guide my way. At first the going was easy with a clear trail to walk down but after the first kilometre the trail was completely gone and I had to just follow East with my compass, guiding the group through the dense bush.

We passed a lot of spiders which look really cool, because they have two big horns as long as their body.

You also need to watch out for safari ants, walk over a nest of them and they will try their best to bite you! Luckily as I was leading I spotted them first and navigated the group around.

As we finally came out of the forest it felt good to know I had lead the group through this tropical jungle, it was an amazing adventure with an amazing forest and a huge variety of wildlife.

Not many people get the opportunity to see monkeys in their own environment and some of  the most colourful birds the world has to offer. On top of that we always hear on our daily routes the beautiful sound of the sea with its loud waves thrown at the cliff. Not to forget that I was also part of this extremely important research for this unique forest. Thanks, GVI.

Alexander Hecher- 4 week Forest volunteer