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By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

The days are telling us that we have arrived at the end of week 8. This week have mostly focused on the Science Stuff! We have started monitoring and collecting real data that are actually being used. Goody! So we are contributing to a better world. The lionfish are also happy, because we haven`t had time to hunt them as often this week!

The sound of the ocean and the sound of guitar have been the soundtrack to this week. As new guitar players are learning the mysterious secrets of the guitar, new tunes are getting stuck in our heads.
We now have 4 fresh, salty rescue divers who are jumping for joy with their new skills
and just can`t wait to do some rescuing!

Yummy cake has also been a regular feature on base this week and we have managed to consume 4 cakes in 3 days! Snacking is also one of the daily activities. We just can`t get enough of the chocolate goodness, which is obviously because we need lots of energy for diving! Our sweet, sweet tuckbox is being visited quite often.
Consequently “Cookie-junkie” is a new nickname around here.
Apart from munching snacks, we actually eat very healthily with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Gooo Mmmmmmango!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for reading
Becky & Krizzy`s cookiemonster blog
Stay tuned for next weeks update!