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An Adventure to Paradise

By 3 years ago
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They Say the Journey is worth more than the destination.

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Myself and possibly the rest of the new 21 GVI Marine volunteers had some fun pre departure adventures ; like bug spray indecisions or guesstimating impact/severity of possibly missing out on salt and vinegar chips for weeks.

Some journeys were short, like mine Australia and some journeys were really long Canada!

Some were easy (like breezing through customs with a box of dried cranberries) and some were complicated (a plethora of false alarms with credit cards and banks).

However here, as I sit in my mosquito free, breezy hut (bug spray decision turned out OK) five seconds away from the beautiful clear shores of Caqalai Island on the eastern coast of Fiji that I share with a group of passionate conservationists, scientists, and generally awesome people, I think that I speak for everyone that the destination kicked the long journey’s behind.

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In the short space of one week, I’ve done so many things here that people only experience once in a lifetime, if that.

I’ve been graciously welcomed into the local family on the island, a Sevusevu ceremony and Kava (traditional local beverage — definitely one to tick off the bucket list) included. I’ve snorkelled with sea cucumbers and colourful corals amongst others.

I’ve met so many people with all holding many different and interesting stories.

And who’s to know what lies ahead in the next month for me?

After all that, I think the best part still is that I’m here. I’m here just like everyone else who’s here: in the middle of the Pacific, a million miles from home, to do my part in the health of the world, to jump into new experiences, and to write a chapter in my life that can never be repeated again.


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