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Adventure and more!

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan
The end of week 7 has come. It’s come upon us as a wave crashing into shore.
Today is Thursday. It is a windy thursday in our paradise so today is a “stay on beach and be useful” kind of day. Our Staff member and masterchef Rhu has returned to our base for a while and has already made a name of his reputation. The plates on the table goes empty faster than a maxed out sailfish, one of the fastest creature in the ocean. Don´t leave Rhu! =)

Generally food here is great, since people is getting really creative with the ingrediens we have. Like for example: Svens gooey lovesauce, Swedish gooey mudcake and different variations of banana cake.

As known, lionfish is an invasive species in this area. In an attempt to save the life on the coral reef from this invader, our brave staff has done some lionfish-hunting. This week they have successfully speargunned 8 uninvited lionfish. Nice shot! They also cooked them, and apparently they are delicious. They have more taste with the skin on. I`m gonna ask for lionfish next time I go to a restaurant.

After some bruises and demanding excercises, us 10-weekers have nearly finished our Rescue Diver Course. Last day was a massive 5 hour session in the water with towing and rescuebreaths……yes rescuebreaths…about that..in training we perform our rescuebreaths just below the chin to make the scenario as real as possible. One of the volunteers took the situation in her own hands and gave “victims” kisses instead. That´s how you wake up an unconsious diver:)

It´s also funny how an really calm birding session turns into something else. Under the bridge someone see something and shouts out: Shark! Shark! As big as one, a massive barracuda looks up from the water. Cool! At the same bridge, a crocodile together with 3 southern stingrays have also been reported by 2 hitchhiking volunteers.

Then over to the most important: The Science! Until today we´ve had some windstill days with 25+ metres visibility in the water, absolutely stunning! That has been a good trigger for our monitor –training. Practice monitoring is going marvelous for both fish and coral people. Both teams is right now practicing laying their transect lines and hopefully next week we can do some real monitoring. That means to go diving on our own, of course in buddy-pairs, and collecting data about adult fish and juvenile fish, and the corals. It means the real life outside the safe trainingcage! Something we´ve been looking forward to for I don´t know how long…Yes I do….soon 7 weeks! Marine conservation, oh yeah!

So chip chop, back to being useful and hope you read our blog again next week !
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