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A Volunteer's Perspective - The Herb Garden

By 5 years ago
Categories Limpopo and KZN

A current ongoing project here at GVI Karongwe is our Herb Garden. The task was originally a team leadership project for Michael Turner (Turner) and Leah Hochberg, two recent interns. The Herb Garden has now become my own team leadership project! The Herb Garden is an ideal place for people to go for some personal time or as a place for people to meet and socialize.

There are various herbs planted throughout the garden including, basil, chives and coriander. I’m hoping to add several more in the coming weeks. Recently I have planted an indigenous Clivia plant which is currently in bloom. Again like the herbs, there will be more arriving in coming weeks. All this comes at a time where GVI Karongwe is busy doing its part for Arbor Month (See previous blog here).

The garden has gone from strength to strength with improvements being made all the time. Everybody at Karongwe has contributed to the Herb Garden and its success. We hope to taste our freshly picked herbs in a meal soon.

Thanks for reading,

Rob Buchan – Karongwe 2012.