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A very uncomon but amazing arrival to Pez Maya!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Hello from one of the new volunteers in Pez Maya!

We had a great first week. Last Saturday I, and the other new volunteer, Michelle, had the chance to meet all the volunteers and staff members of Pez Maya. Everybody was very nice and so welcoming with us!!! We couldn’t return to base for the first 2 days because the road was flooded, so we spent a night in Tulum getting to know everyone and enjoying the new town. The next day, we travell\ed to Akumal Laguna, Yalkul, for snorkelling during the day, which was super cool. The waters there are crystal clear and full of anemones and beautiful fish. Good weather prevailed, and on Monday we took a boat through the beautiful mangrove trees in order to reach the base. The boat leaves from Muyil, one of the only town that serves as a pier in the Sian Kaan so it was a pretty awesome way to go to Pez Maya, and see a lot of the vast reserve. It felt a bit like a secret passageway opened up before up with each new turn and twist of the boat.

After such an exciting arrival to base, the weather was sunny all week, and we were able to dive twice a day. I was very excited to go diving and start identifying corals, which both Michelle and I started our coral spots after a check dive!  My first impressions of living on base are really good! The place is just wonderful;I love the sunrises as well as the dark night sky full of stars. After a great first week filled with fun, science, and diving, everyone celebrated with a beach party on Friday night.  Late into the night there was amazing food, fun games and dancing on the sand. I can’t wait to see what next week brings!