A Student's Essay

By GVI student 4 years ago
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The following essay was written by a student of ours:

Lao Culture, Tradition and Lifestyle

The culture, tradition and lifestyle in Laos are very impressive and interesting and include language, religion and food.

The official language is Lao, but English is commonly used in major tourist centers, such as Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Lao language is spoken in the education system . However, many students  received scholarships to study  English in Europe during the 1970s – 1990s. French was also spoken by many people in the past, but not so many now.

In Laos, there are three main religions, but most Lao people believe in Buddhism. Two smaller ethic  groups believe in Animism and Hinduism. Buddhism has been around for 700 years. The King of Lao brought Buddhism from Cambodia in 1359; after that, the people of Lao started to build temples and send boys to them to study to be Novices Monks. Temples are holy places for the Lao people to make merit by offering food or money.

Lao food is best on sticky rice, orlam (stew) and chili sauce. All of this food is traditional food. Sticky rice is always served with hot sauce,  spicy fish or shrimp-based sauce and eaten with  the fingers. An essential part of enjoying Lao food is Beer Lao.

Religion, food and language are very important to Lao people, because they show how strong the Lao culture is in the world.