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A great experience in Cape Town for Alex

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town
Hello, my name is Alex Gilbert, I’m 20 years old and am here in Cape Town on a 6 month teaching internship.

Two days of travel and time changes took me from my home in Winnipeg, Canada to the far off country of South Africa upon arrival I realised wow was that worth it!

Once I was settled into our house in Gordon’s Bay, I started to really take in my surroundings. Blue skies, sparkling ocean and beautiful mountains surrounding this whole new world I just entered. No matter how many times you say to yourself, “I’m in Africa” it never quite settles in.

My first project placement is at ACJ Primary School. I have been teaching numeracy to Grade 6 students. I was joined by my roommates Kyle, Brad and Will who were teaching sports, surf and English. We became fast friends. School was a whole different experience. I quickly learnt I had to be prepared for anything to happen and often activities I had planned would not take place. Whether it’s a dance filled school event, kids not showing up or just goats running through the school play area, this is Africa people so be prepared for the unexpected.

Now I am currently 3 months into my placement and like most volunteers South Africa has captured me with its culture and beauty. I find that now I thrive on the unexpected and relish new challenges that ACJ has to offer me. I’ve taught numeracy, surfed South Africa’s waves ad taught cricket to endless amounts of students. I’ve driven the garden route, bungeed the world’s highest bridge and walked 80km from Cape Point to Table Mountain to raise money for ACJ. All these experiences I have done with friends from all over the world – Canada, USA, England, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa – I have experienced so many different countries and cultures. All of this done in only 3 months! I’m half way through and I cannot wait to see what South Africa still has to throw at me.


Alex Gilbert

6month Intern

Winnipeg, Canada.