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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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A great experience all round

By 5 years ago
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 From teaching to camel riding  having a great time….

Have had an amazing week with standard 5 preparing and writing compositions and getting them ready for their exams which I’m sure they will all pass as they are putting in so much effort. I have been teaching them for two weeks and will continue to teach them for a while longer which I’m most looking forward to as it’s a pleasure to do so. Once again this morning I will have two students on the one two one reading program, it’s so rewarding to see how well the children improve day by day with their reading and how the children are not afraid to find out about new words and learn new words, no task is never too big for them.
Students from Olives 

It is my second weekend at the GVI house and I must say I am having the best time, my fellow volunteers are great to live and work with. 


Jake with fellow Volunteers Sara, Sam ,Maddie and Mister Joseph

On Sunday I went down to the beach with one of the staff members, which then lead on to going snorkeling out by the reef, this was one of those activities which I never thought I would do , followed by a camel ride. I’m so happy I did it, I had the greatest time of my life and I don’t think I would of ever of done this if it hadn’t been for GVI and their team. Looking forward to the next  two weeks …
Got to ride on a camel ..Amazing…….
By  Jake Robinson