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A Dream Come True For Olives...

By 5 years ago
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Olives students sit their first ever KCPE Examinations!

Some of the Standard 8 students during their first KCPE exam.
This week the Standard 8 pupils of Olives Rehabilitation Centre undertook their first ever official KCPE examinations.  Passing the KCPE is paramount in enabling these children to further their education and enhance their future prospects. If the students manage to achieve results within the top 10% of the country they are frequently offered a scholarship to a local high school.  Even children who don’t achieve this will have a greater chance of successfully securing employment in later life.  The KCPE certificate is a key requirement for all jobs in Kenya, including basic jobs such as shop assistants and hotel work.
GVI Staff member and qualified teacher Kim Wood started teaching the Standard 8 pupils last year as a volunteer and then had the opportunity to return in March of this year as a staff member.  What attracted her to the role was being able to continue aiding Standard 8’s progression and preparation for their upcoming KCPE examinations.
Standard 8 with their devoted teacher, Madam Kim.
Throughout the year Standard 8 have received great support through volunteer donations which have allowed the school to purchase text books which are paramount in aiding their progress.  Not only have the GVI volunteers and staff been dedicated to this, but also the local teachers have shown extreme commitment, dedication and hard work throughout the year.

The fact that the current students finally have the opportunity to sit their KCPE examinations is a significant milestone in the history of ORC! It has always been one of Mr Steven Were’s (founder) dreams to be able to provide the opportunity for his students to have a full Primary education, from Standard 1 to Standard 8.  This dream has been achieved with the help of GVI, and the dedication of current and past volunteer’s donations which have enabled the classrooms for Standard 7 and 8 to be built and equipped with ample educational resources. 

For the students of Standard 8, the next step is hopefully for them to progress onto secondary school.  However, if they decide not to pursue this path, the KCPE certificate is recognized and desired by employers.  Either way, the fact that the students can sit their KCPE examinations will vastly improve their future prospects.
Michele Comber
Project Manager.