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5 Useful Tips To Help You Learn Any Language

By Marike Lauwrens 3 years ago
5 Useful Tips To Help You Learn Any Language | GVI
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Most of us have been in a situation where language (or rather the lack thereof) restricted us from doing certain things. Limited knowledge of a language has been the cause of several travelling frustrations. When travelling abroad, we often find ourselves lost in translation in the most untimely moments; midway through placing your food order when you are starving, or even worse, when asking for directions to a restroom. We’ve put together five useful tips to help turn you into a linguistic mastermind!

1. Motivation

Before you can master a language you need to ask yourself why you need to learn or improve your skills. Maybe you are planning an overseas holiday, volunteer trip or an internship abroad? Whatever your reason for learning a new language, keep it in mind and use it to motivate yourself to reach your goals.

2. There’s An App For That

Learning a new language is just a click away. Self-help books can be useful, but technology enables you to have an interactive, fun and engaging learning experiences. Go online and explore your options; there are a wide variety of websites and language learning apps at your fingertips. Have a look at Memrise, Fluencia, Duolingo or Anki and see what works for you.

3. Build Up Your Vocabulary 

As you learn the ropes, focus on expanding your vocabulary to gain a basic understanding of the language. With time, you can master the grammar, but first try to build up content. Whenever you come across a new word memorise it and write it down. You can even create your own basic dictionary to record all the new words that you have learnt. 

4. Practice Makes Perfect

The secret to mastering a new language is talking, listening and writing it as often as possible. Learning comes easier when you incorporate as many of your senses as possible.  Watch foreign language movies with subtitles on, make friends with native speakers, and listen to foreign radio stations. Gather your self-discipline, perseverance and dedication and practice your heart out!

5. Travel The World

Go visit the country where the language is spoken. Spend a gap year or a holiday taking in a new culture and practising your skills. It will put all your preparation to the test and locals love it when you speak their language even if it’s not 100% correct. Don’t be shy, have confidence in yourself and start speaking!

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner polyglot and start learning a new language!

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