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3,875km travell\ed for a new life.

By 6 years ago
Categories Kerala

The Monsoon rains in India do tend to bring with some interesting and sometimes unexpected events, things like flooding of the house, having to wade through ankle deep ( a lot of the time) dirty water to get around, trying to dry your clothes, having to stay indoors. An most emotionally straining of all is not being able to go to your favourite coffee shop, for a fix due to being ‘closed for construction’ are all part of the daily norm.
But this year the rains have brought a much more challenging and rewarding situation for us to be in. It started with a call from the Principal at the Auxilium school in the late afternoon telling us that a group of young boys have arrived to the boys orphanage and are doing some work downstairs. We walked into the room and there sat 9 young boys from about ages 5-14 silently going through some examinations. As we chatted to the representative from the Orphanage, he had told us that the boys are all from Manipur, which is right up to North East of India bordering Burma.
These kids had been caught up in a child trafficking ring and were all found together at a bus stop in Manipur.After not being able to establish any guardians for the kids they were taken on the app. 3,875km trip to the orphanage here in Kerala. A couple of the younger ones have been able to enroll in the school due to being able to find their papers, as for the others until their papers come in, they have nothing to do. So thanks to the school allowing the volunteers to use their facilities and take the volunteers out of their regular classes we have been able to do classes with the kids in small groups.
Now this week we have been brought 8 girls all from Manipur also coming from the same sort of background. These kids are amazing and full of life and so eager to learn, we hope to help them as much as possible while they are here, and we are cooking up some fundraising ideas! So as the Monsoon rains continues to pour it’s always nice to find a new face, or 17 of them to go wading for.

Gvi Kerala x

We are currently raising money for parents who are struggling to pay school fees for children at the Auxilium, if you would like to help http://www.justgiving.com/gvi/Donate Thankyou x