20/03/13 Calm Seas and Double Tank Dives

By 5 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

So it appears our newest recruits are settling into life in Cap Ternay. They were able to experience their first weekend here on base. The bbq on Thursday night was always sure to be a good icebreaker and has helped merge the group and bring everybody together. With the relaxing attitude the weekend brings around a few of us decided to introduce the new volunteers to the delights of the infamous Beau Vallon nightlife. Needless to say the quiet day on Saturday was very much needed but I’m sure they are still chalking it down as jet lag! 

As for us more experienced members of the team we are enjoying the breath of fresh air sweeping through the camp. The changing weather has lead to calmer seas and we have been exploiting this by surveying some of the more difficult to reach sites. One of the added benefits of this narrow timeframe is that it allows a few of us to enjoy the privileges of diving a double tank dive for the morning. This allows twice as many surveys to be completed with the additional benefit of not having to de-kit inbetween dives which I’m sure some of our volunteers see as a major perk! Let’s hope this positive vibe continues into the next few weeks.

James Clack