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15/08/13 Jack's Blog

By 5 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Choosing a GVI course from the website is an extremely difficult thing to do. Not only because there are so many great places to visit but also due to the variety of activities on offer. Being a marine biology student I was naturally inclined to choose a course based on marine conservation and the option to take a further three months away from home in exotic climes to do an internship and earn my Divemaster qualification was just too good to pass up. This left me with two available options: six months in the Seychelles, or take the new course that had opened up and travel from the island of Mahe after three months and work in a dive shop in Thailand. In the end I chose to do the latter, as I might as well dive in as many new places as I can, seeing as I’m travelling halfway around the world anyways.

I am currently three weeks into my second month in the Seychelles and have enjoyed every single minute of it. I have been diving almost every day, seen loads of amazing marine life (although still no whale sharks!!) and learnt to survey corals, which has really improved my diving ability. Other than the diving I have met some amazing people, explored amazing places and had the experience of a lifetime. With all this going on, I can’t wait to see what the next month in the Seychelles has in store for me, then look out Thailand!!