06/06/13 Changing Season

By 5 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

After 6 weeks of heat waves and almost wall to wall sunshine the seasons have started to shift in the Seychelles and this us bought us a few weeks of more unsettled weather. However the changes have been nothing but good for the already awesome quality of diving. The switch in the prevailing wind direction has bought nutrient rich waters into Seychelles and the phytoplankton is booming. This has led to large schools of fish becoming more common place with small fish making the most of the extra food which can really liven up a safety stop if you’re lucky enough to get caught in the middle of a feeding school.

Easily the best outcome of the changes in plankton and small fish concentrations has been the increase in megafauna that we have witnessed in recent weeks. Large schools of snappers and travalley have followed the mackerel and fusiliers in and in these in turn have bought even bigger fish to shores around Cap Ternay. Recent weeks have bought increased sightings of large fish such as Humphead Wrasse and Bumphead Parrott fish but perhaps the most exciting change has been in the shark sightings with the last fortnight bringing large grey reef and guitar sharks closer into shore. Hopefully this trend of larger and larger fish will continue and before too long we might even have the mantas and whale sharks that the Seychelles is famed for!

Matt Waller