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Costa Rica

If rainforests, beaches and turquoise waters are your kind of thing, volunteer in Costa Rica! The country is famous for its majestic natural beauty and a volunteer in Costa Rica can enjoy a touch of paradise while working with children or helping conserve its magical wildlife. Experience the Caribbean. Make a difference. Volunteer in Costa Rica.


Featured Programs in Costa Rica


Mission: Possible...improve classrooms and libraries for hundreds of children in 1 week!

Wildlife Expedition in Costa Rica

Experience marine and rainforest conservation in this biodiversity hotspot  

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Deliver your own art workshops in schools in underprivileged areas of Quepos.

Work with local children on community development projects in Costa Rica

Travel to two stunning Latin American countries, volunteer with children, learn spanish and experience cultural highlights and an adventure tour

volunteer abroad in costa rica

Contribute to community development and education programs, and join a 4-day adventure tour

volunteer for under 18

Get introduced to the world of volunteering abroad in this dedicated under 18s project in Costa Rica

Volunteer to Teach English in Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica to Teach English to underprivileged children

Teach Sports in Costa Rica

Work with disadvantaged children in Costa Rica through football, basketball and other sports

Volunteer with Children in Costa Rica

Learn Spanish, volunteer on childcare projects and explore Central America

Teaching Internship in Costa Rica

Work with children, Learn Spanish, Explore Central  America and receive career development opportunities 

Sea Turtle Conservation  in Costa Rica

Volunteer to Protect Green, Hawksbill and Leatherback Sea Turtles in Tortuguero National Park

Jaguar Conservation in Costa Rica

Based in the Tortuguero National Park, assist in the protection of endangered Jaguars

conservation internship costa rica

Intern on rainforest conservation projects on the Caribbean coast and receive career development opportunities

News From Costa Rica

My first week on the Community project in Quepos Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Beach

After spending a month working on the project and living in Manual Antonio my advice to anyone who is in the same position as me would be: expect the unexpected...For more on what to expect click here!

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