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Volunteering with GVI Greece in conjunction with Archelon was my second GVI program. The project focuses on loggerhead conservation in the Kyparissia region. The days begin with a morning survey; the group sets off at 6am walking 5km along the beach searching for tracks. When a set of turtle tracks are located they are followed up the beach to the nest. The digging then begins and the race to find the first egg is on! The feeling of finding the very first egg chamber is amazing, and very rewarding. Measurements are then taken before the nest is reburied or relocated. Protection in the form of metal grids and bamboo is put over the nest. During hatching season hatchling tracks are counted and recorded. The days are spent relaxing at the beach, cooking, and learning about turtle biology and conservation threats. Night surveys are another kettle of fish all together. The surveys begin at 10:45pm, volunteers walk along the beach looking out for turtles and tracks. Seeing a female turtle make her way up the beach to nest is one of the most incredible thing I have ever seen. The dexterous back flippers easily scoop sand up and out of the nest chamber reaching a remarkable depth. She then enters a sort of trance while laying and covering her eggs. Measurements of the carapace can then be made and the turtle can be tagged. She then makes her way back to the ocean until her next batch of eggs are ready to be lain. This project has really opened my eyes to the dangers turtles face and has further inspired me to continue my work in conservation. Particularly focusing on educating the public in the ways in which they can help.