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I don't know what I was expecting when I arrived in Greece for two weeks of volunteering with Loggerhead Turtles, but the reality that I experienced there was better than anything I could have imagined. All the things that many teenagers would shy away from, early mornings, physical labour and basic accommodation somehow combined together to provide the best time of my life. I think part of the brilliance of this program, is it's uniqueness, because working - for no reason other than your belief in the cause - with wild animals in their natural environment is something everyone should experience once in their life. It was such a rewarding project to be involved in, as at the end of each day, I could see the nests that I had protected, and know that I had done my part towards saving the planet. One of the staff who supervised us said, the best feeling on earth is saving a life that can never repay you, and helping to save those turtles made me see the truth behind these words. Since returning to England, I haven't stopped recommending GVI to my family and friends, it will change your life, like it changed mine.