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My name is Taylor Vance and I am currently studying Art Therapy at the University of Minnesota, Morris. I chose to come to South Africa to do an Internship as part of my studies. I wanted to broaden my experiences and work with children in a different culture than I am used to. My experiences here have exceeded my expectations. I have had a chance to work with the children at the Grade R project. I had the opportunity to do a range of Art activities with the children and it was rewarding to see them express themselves through painting and other art activities. As part of my leadership activities, I ran a workshop for the other volunteers on ideas for Art lessons, presented an information session to staff, and organised a “Colour Day” at the school. It was a great experience. I feel this experience has helped me gain a better understanding of how Art Therapy can help children from a range of backgrounds and experiences. I have also learnt a lot from the other volunteers. In all it has been an extremely valuable experience. I look forward to continuing my studies once I return home.