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Having been involved in voluntary work in the UK in the past, and having found myself with time on my hands, I decided to take my volunteering further afield. So after researching projects and agencies abroad I decided on Teaching Children English in Thailand with GVI. At 58 years old my main concerns were fitting in with a group of youngsters, travelling on my own to a country I'd never been to before, the food, the language, the insects, the accommodation and, of course, my ability to do the tasks required. Funny thing was that it turned out that these were the same things most volunteers were concerned about. Age had nothing to do with it! During my time there I found myself teaching children of varying ages and abilities, I immersed myself in the Thai culture, released a turtle into the sea, visited waterfalls and even took part in a "creative" project and a sand shark building contest, (Not my usual bag!). I would return in a heart beat and my motto became "You can fit a round peg, in a square hole."