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I genuinely believe there is a Neanderthal part inside all of us that dreams of returning to the African continent, at least I know I certainly do and have done since a small child. Growing up my closeness to South Africa and its wildlife, came in the form of wildlife documentaries and seeing acacia trees with a giraffes slender neck rising above or hearing the powerful roar of a lion. Suddenly after years of this, I found I was seeing and hearing these things for real in Karongwe, and nothing could have prepared me for how that felt. Seeing the burning sun rise and fall in the bush for one month, was the most incredible time of my life and by no means long enough. As well as the incredible experience of simply spending a month in Karongwe, however, I was also trained and supervised to help the project record vital scientific data on the various species in the reserve. We have all seen worldwide media publication regarding the plight of much of Africa’s wildlife, so to be able to spend a month making a genuine difference to their conservation was a one in a lifetime opportunity. To try and put how I feel about my month in Karongwe into 300 words is impossible, it was a life’s dream come true and fulfilled every expectation and hope I could have ever had. All I can truly say is that I will be returning one day soon or in the future, as I remember what the staff said whilst on project “once you go to South Africa, you never want to leave”.