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This was my first ever solo travel experience, so to begin with I was nervous about what the people whom I would be working with were like... However, once I arrived I was greeted by a great team and they all made me feel welcome! My first day in South Africa didn`t go exactly to plan as I was involved in an accident but in saying this, the GVI team were there to support me and help me recover!! The 6 months that I was in South Africa, I became aware of how beautiful the country was and how hard the GVI team worked to help with the conservation efforts of the reserve! There were many staff members who stood out and made everyone feel extra welcome. There was one staff member who to me made the whole experience so much better. That member of Staff was Matthew Hopkins, the reason he made it so much better was because during my time he would go the extra mile to teach me about the wildlife there, mostly the birds!! Back to the experience, the whole thought of waking up at 4/5am worried me, no one likes getting up that early....but here when you wake up at that time, you are filled with excitement knowing you will be going out in search of the lions, elephants and cheetahs!! No day was ever the same nor boring for that matter. I loved this experience so much that it has got me wanting to revisit my GVI family out in Karongwe. There are no words to describe the experience other than magical. For anyone who is a lover of wildlife and mother nature then I would recommend this project for you will not be disappointed.