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My name is Rhianna O’Regan, I am a 19-year-old from the Sunshine Coast Queensland! I’m a biomedical science student at my local university, before GVI I only studied and worked. After GVI I’ve joined more local volunteer agencies to give back to the community more. My previous project was in South Africa, Gordan’s Bay and it involved working with children, teaching, caring and all around making smiles. I came across GVI online and by doing research, reading reviews and comparing companies, I found GVI was the perfect match for me. My main highlights included meeting the kids and seeing them improve, making such good friends and experiencing and seeing such a beautiful abundant country that felt like home. On project, learning about each kid was a discovery. Finding their strengths and working on them, learning their weaknesses and helping them improve. Discovering how much I can care about a stranger was also a major thing for me personally. My main accomplishment was that I worked one on one with a little girl, Athule, she was autistic and loved math. Teaching her how to multiply and divide, and seeing her understand it made me so proud and happy! Nothing could compare to how amazing it was to teach someone something they love instantly. Anyone thinking about joining a GVI project I would say close your eyes and jump, you will never regret it. Not only is it life changing in the best way possible but you’re giving a project (childcare, animal conservation, etc.) undivided love and attention that will be everlasting and help the project improve. My regular day on project would include: 7am – wake up, yoga, eat breakfast, shower and get ready 8:40am – go to project 9am – get to project, get the kids eating porridge and circle time 10:30am – puzzles or reading 11am– snack time 11:30am – teacher snack time 12noon – class time 1pm – lunch time 1:30pm – teacher lunch time 2pm – outside play/reading/puzzles 3:30pm – go home 4pm – eat, go for a walk, hang out with other volunteers 6:30pm – dinner and clean up 8:30 – shower and bed