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The decision to participate in GVI Laos’ teaching program was simply one of the best things I have ever done. The GVI staff I worked with were incredibly dedicated, professional and friendly. I was wonderfully surprised with the level of organisation and support offered by the staff who I felt did their upmost to ensure that we were able to contribute and participate as fully as possible; giving us the support needed to build confidence and skills while allowing us to develop a level of independence that left me confident to teach a class unassisted by the end of the second week. The entire experience was amazingly rewarding. All the students I had the pleasure of interacting with were hardworking, dedicated and so appreciative of the work we were doing. Although I was only on the program for a month and had no previous teaching experience, I felt that I was able to play a real part in improving the life opportunities of the students I worked with. I would encourage anyone wanting to make a positive impact while travelling or wanting to experience a culture beyond the tourist experience to seriously consider undertaking the GVI Laos teaching program. My only regret is that I did not stay longer.