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Early in January 2013, I sat in a plane destined to Costa Rica with a confused yet excited mind. I had put everything in my life on hold and chosen to follow my heart... all the way to the jungles of Costa Rica. Little did i know, when i checked into my flight on 6th of January 2013, that my life was gonna change once and for all!! The next three months of my life were probably the greatest time i've ever had. I use the word 'time' because those three months went by in a flash yet felt like an eternity. It's crazy, i guess when your enjoying each and every second of what your doing, time just doesn't know how to function. Each second is a lifetime, and a lifetime gets condensed into a second! My Costa Rican adventure exposed me to things that i hadn't dreamed of, learning purely from nature, out there in the wild, doing things for real on the ground that matter! Each day is new is something we've all heard, but my time in Costa Rica gave this true meaning! The amount i learnt from nature, from my fellow volunteer and above all from the wonderful staff working there was just amazing! The things we saw, the experiences we had act as inspiration and motivation to be even today whenever i have difficulties to face. ITs crazy and yet so true, i'd be sitting down and working really hard for an upcoming exam in college and things won't go my way; all i need i thought of that insane time i had in Costa Rica and i just get this belief that everything will fall into place and it does! All i can honestly is that, three months i spent in Costa Rica seem so so so few! I just wanna go back and relive every moment and more because each day i learnt so so many new things, about myself, about life, about wildlife about being happy, its amazing! Three cheers for GVI for this amazing project, which not only has a great foundation and amazing people working for it, it also dares to dream big!