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I travelled to Cape Town for the under 18s sports programme in 2018. GVI allowed me to travel alone to meet a whole new group of amazing volunteers - who I never would've met had it not been for this programme. The sports programme really allowed us to get into the school community in the township. Teaching kids who speak a different language and come from such a different life to us, really was incredible. Leading lessons to a group of people you have never met before really teaches you a lot about confidence (with yourself and also within a group) and just how once a football is in sight, all kids act the same regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs or nationality. The trip has certainly made me more grateful and really appreciate what I have at home. It was incredible to see how much the kids in the township really appreciate everything they have, however little this may be. The staff were amazing and really helped us to get the most out of our own experiences. This project has encouraged me to do more volunteering in the future, where I can also feel like I really have had an impact. I think anybody who is considering a trip with GVI should definitely go you will have an amazing time and learn a lot, about different cultures and also about yourself. I can't thank GVI enough for allowing me to experience volunteering like this at only 17.