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Communication is very important and using arts and speaking different languages is a part of it. Every day you have to be creative, to find a good way to teach to your students. It was not easy to learn french to novices, especially for them. You are teaching them french while speaking English. But I had the feeling it opened up another world for them. French is a part of their history and it gives them more opportunities. French isn't my first language and I think that helped while teaching them the difficulties of this language. It's difficult to study arts and it's not something easy to teach to your students. They will very quickly copy what you did or copy another student and learning them to be creative is challenging. But you get so much reward out of it when they show off what they made with a big smile. It is the first time in my life that I was a teacher and I learned a lot of it. The importance of communication is so important; body language, vocabulary. Every day you have to come with a new lesson plan which will give them joy by learning and they have to understand you.