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The statement ‘the experience of a lifetime’ wouldn’t even begin to comprehend how life-changing my experience really was. I knew when I was picked up from my hostel and had met the others in the group, I had found a new home. I visited the Phang Nga region of Southern Thailand where I was lucky enough to clean baby turtles, take part in beach cleans and trek through the beautiful idyllic Lampi rainforest. I also gained something from this experience that I was not expecting: a family. The GVI family is exactly what you think it is, your sisters, brothers, aunties and uncles, mums, dads: all from people you meet in the jumbled up household you quickly call home. To top it all off back at the base the positivity in the village towards GVI is unrelenting, you can really feel how your work is giving back to community. Come rain or shine, everyday was full of activities and work to be done, which kept me constantly busy. However no matter how much you put into your work whether it be through teaching, playing sports, cleaning the beach or just trying to speak the common tongue, the people of that region will give back to you so much more