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I am writing this because the recent GVI volunteering construction scheme that I was involved in for three weeks this summer was an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to volunteer abroad. The weeks I spent in Nepal were some of the best weeks so far in my nineteen years and I would love to spread the word and get more people involved in GVI projects all over the world. It was critical in my personal development as a young person and I believe it would be for anyone who joins any project. Aside from my high regard with which I hold the GVI programs and the way they conduct themselves as a company, I believe I have the skill set and characteristics to contribute greatly to promoting the organization and encouraging others to get involved in projects. As a university student studying Geography I have a certain degree of knowledge concerning the environment, the global actions of NGOs and international companies, and of course the writing skills required to write a good online review of the company and the project I was involved in. In addition, I have a friendly and welcoming manner along with a good amount of confidence that I think will serve me well when attending GVI events, setting up meetings or organizing group bookings. One other thing I have that I think will help in being a GVI ambassador is my youth; I was only just eighteen when I left for my volunteering in Nepal and it was a huge moment for me. Because of this I can connect well with younger prospective volunteers and hopefully dispel any reservations they may have in being inexperienced with travelling or being away from home. Young people like myself are the future of the world and instilling in them the awareness, knowledge and understanding of global issues, and how to solve them through various methods, is something I feel very passionate about. Overall, my time with GVI was an amazing and eye-opening experience that contributed to the local community’s development; this makes me want to get more people, especially young people, involved in the various projects to spread awareness of global problems and subsequent solutions. I believe I have the skills, attributes and motivations to excellently represent GVI and promote the values and impacts of the company in any situation.