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I have wanted to work and travel for a long time and I have always wanted to do it alone. GVI can provide you with a lot of information while you decide where you want to travel and what you want to do. You can travel for a short period or a long one, and I would definitely recommend the long one. If you want to work with children you need a certain time to get to know them and we all want to make a change in their lives. I choose the six months internship because I wanted to get to know the children and I was also tempted by how you get more responsibility as an intern. Perhaps you can be the one to develop the program, or come up with a great idea. Not only can you make a change, you can also develop as a person and create amazing memories. With GVI you pay in advance and you don’t have to worry about finding a roof over your head, getting food on your table or calling a cab to drive you to work. The staff is around at all times while you’re on project and they can answer your questions and support you. I never felt unsafe at our home or at the location we were working at. I felt safe and they helped me develop. I don’t regret my decision, choosing GVI one second, and I would do it again I went to Africa in 2009 with the school I studied at. We We only stayed in South Africa for four days, not nearly enough. I started studying again right after this trip, but I just wanted to go back. The reason why I choose GVI was because I wanted to travel alone and this seemed like a safe alternative. I choose South Africa because the country is rich on history and culture, and because I wasn’t even close to see the place last time I went. After waiting for more than three years to go back, nothing less than six months would be enough. I am educated as a social worker, so the teaching part is not in my field, but the community development is. I work with drug addicted teenagers here in Norway, but I’m not sure I will be working with these types of problems my whole life. This internship helped me gaining more skills as a person and as a social worker, the experience can also make me more interesting for other types of social work. I am also happier in my job now, because I am not as restless as I was before travelling again. I have some great memories and I will always want to go back. The internship has definitely helped me develop as a social worker and I now have more experience working with people. I now know how comfortable I am working in in another country and how easy I adapt to different cultures, something that is really important in my career.