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The GVI Elephant program was a life-changing experience. I chose this program because I wanted to be up close and personal with elephants, not knowing how much of an impact the community and the village would also have on me. Not only is GVI important for keeping the elephants in a natural environment, but the program has had a huge positive impact on the village of Huay Pakoot. Teaching English, contributing to the local economy, and providing a sustainable livelihood for the people in the village has created a bond between GVI and the community that I never could have expected. It's so inspiring to witness the time and effort that the staff and volunteers have spent making this incredible program possible. International volunteerism helps employability because it shows that a person is well-rounded and community oriented. Additionally, this program involves experiences in a range of disciplines and areas of study – biology, ecology, conservation and sustainability, international relations, etc. - that would benefit students and career professionals looking to expand their horizons. GVI made me feel comfortable and safe throughout this experience. It can be scary traveling across the world alone, but GVI made the village feel like home and I never felt that my health or safety was being compromised at any time.