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3 words to describe Curieuse? Sun, Sweat and Selfies. My 4 weeks on Curieuse Island were everything I expected and more. Thanks to this program, I now have friends all over the world and a much more solid understanding of the importance of the different aspects of the ecosystem. I feel like I have contributed to the protection of some of the endemic species of the Seychelles, such as the Coco de Mer palm. It has also confirmed that once I graduate from my degree in Zoology, I want to work out in the field. During my time on Curieuse, I swam with sharks, took selfies with giant tortoises, sank knee deep into mud, played a real life version of Monopoly to raise money for the GVI Charitable Trust and made some of the greatest friends possible. I was also able to explore the surrounding islands at weekends, including the lovely La Digue and was trained to be an Emergency First Responder. Now I have experienced volunteering with GVI, I don’t think I could go anywhere with anyone else. GVI are the perfect organisation to volunteer with. Whenever I talk about my month with any of my friends, I can’t help but have a massive grin plastered onto my face. I highly recommend this programme to anyone, even if it is out of your comfort zone. Best 4 weeks of my life.