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I cannot even begin to imagine a place that's any more untouched by humans with as much abundance of wildlife as the Tortugero national park. I wished to join this expedition for a long time mostly because of my love of sea turtle conservation, and boy is this place unique! Not only do they have four types of sea turtle arrive this beach this is literally where sea turtle conservation all began in the 1950's! I will never forget the first time I called out to our project leader after seeing turtle tracks which were peppered with Jaguar prints. After finding the freshly predated turtle we recorded our data and set up a camera trap to find out the results the following day. It just so happens the Jaguar returned 10 minutes after we left and was clearly watching us waiting to leave! Amazing data recording followed with he first Leatherback turtle survey of the season. To see a 1.5 meter turtle drag its way up the beach after such a journey is like being transported back to prehistoric times. Base life was basic as expected but comfortable and regularly had groups of spider monkeys coming through camp. In short if you like wildlife this is the place to go and make a difference, you will not (cannot) be disappointed.