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My name is Hannah, I am 18 years old and last summer I spent the the most surreal two weeks of my life in South India. I was working on a construction project in a school for children with special needs for the first week and then i was on an adventure week for the second. Both pushed me out of my comfort zone in a way that i can appreciate when i look back on it. Volunteering was made ridiculously easy, because of the simple fact that it was making children happy. Every morning when i walked into the school i was greeted so enthusiastically that i didn't mind that i was getting sunburned on my arms or that lunch was so spicy it made me nose run. Then at the opening ceremony when i was able to see the kids actually being able to play with all the things i had helped build filled me with such joy that i knew that i was going to do something like this as often as i can. I am not going to lie and say my experience was totally smooth sailing, everyone in my group had gotten sick at least once and i was one of them. However, the worst is over in 24 hours and the GVI staff were empathetic as they too understood the effect indian food can have. The adventure week was fantastic, scary and eye opening. Things i thought i would never be able to do, i did in that week. Being in the mountains pushed me physically, mentally and emotionally. It was tough, but after a quick cry on the phone to my dad (it was the first day come on) and the encouragement from him and the team the second day was a lot better. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top those 5 days in wayanad as one of the craziest weeks i have ever had.