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I spent three months in Limpopo Africa with GVI doing the South African Wildlife Research Expedition. The long wait between me booking the trip and actually being able to go on it had finally finished, and there I was stood nervously but excited in the Hoedspruit airport, I was instantly greeted by a GVI rep that could obviously pick me out from the crowd due to the stereotypical clothing that I was wearing. I was then lead towards the big group of people who had arrived on the flight before me. Everyone instantly bonded over the fact we were all excited but at the same time nervous. We then had a short trip from the airport to the base where we would be spending our time in Africa; we had a big shared dorm and a veranda area which was awesome because it was so open meaning that we could always see all the different visitors that happened to come into our ‘garden’ including giraffe, elephant and hyena. The veranda contained a few large handmade sofas which previous volunteers had made during their days off and a few different things to do whilst we had spare time including a darts board, pool table and a table tennis table. A typical day would consist of waking up at at least 4:30 in the morning so that we were up and ready for morning which left at 5:00. In this half hour rush we would have to ensure we had enough clothes for the chilly start and enough water for the beaming heat that would follow shortly. We would also have to complete our morning duty which would be assigned the evening before; these duties would be something along the line of doing a vehicle check or getting equipment ready all of which we were tough in our first week there which acts as a training week including daily presentations about the importance of the project. Morning drive consisted of finding the focus animals which we tracked which at the time were three lions, a female cheetah and the ele’s. We also had an afternoon drive daily which would be easier as the animals would be in roughly the same area as where they were found in the morning. Once a week we would be partnered up with another volunteer to do base duties which included cleaning and cooking which was good fun (if not only because we could have a lay in). We would also get one day a week off. This was really awesome there was lots of things to do in the surrounding area like a dam which was good as a tourist P.O.I but also right next to it was a natural hid away water pool which gave us many a hours distraction as there was ledges to jump off. Every day at Karongwe was different and I think that’s what I liked most. The whole trip was the experience of a lifetime and I can’t wait for my next adventure with GVI.