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My name is Charmaine Mohlala from South Africa, an ex volunteer at GVI (Global Vision International) at the Karongwe Private Game Reserve base in South Africa, which is under management of Leah Brown. Being part of GVI was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. A highlight in particular was meeting, staying with, working and socialising with different people from different countries such as United States of America, England, Australia and Dubai. As I was engaged in the GVI wildlife research program, my responsibilities were to check sign and tracks of animals, placing cameras in every spot of reserve, monitoring behaviour of animals and collecting data regarding the big five (age, sex, species and more). The GVI wildlife research program gave me an opportunity to overcome my personal fears by adapting to a different situations, difficult environments (such as getting in touch with wild animal) as well as bush walks. It also helped me to strengthen my professional skills and abilities as I have now become good at planning, organising, leading, controlling, working as a team, and for my ability to complete given tasks in a specified amount of time. Giving back to community was my favourite part of the program. We used to visit Magapane Preschool at The Willows Village and Diphuthi Primary School at The Oaks village in Hoedspruit with the aim of educating kids on the importance of nature and the environment, as well as why we should prioritise conservation, and how. Playing sport (netball, volleyball, basketball and soccer) also played an important role of my trip, as it gave me the opportunity to get to know and understand my fellow participants as a family, even sharing ideas and encouraging each other. I hope I will achieve even more with GVI in the future, as I am now also being introduced to a PADI Scuba diving course, of which I am excited to be a part of. Thank you GVI!